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Canadian Influencer Fascinated by Delicious Iranian Foods

The famous Canadian food blogger and influencer, Trevor James, says Iran means the smell of colourful and delicious food whose videos can be shared with people around the world. “I think the taste of Iran is like sweet saffron.” Trevor James is a Canadian citizen. He is on trips almost …

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Gamaj Kebab Luxury Food of Northern Iran

The Gamaj kebab stew is one of the delicious and luxury Iranian stews which originally belongs to northern Gilan province. The food is named after a local clay cauldron known as Gamaj in the local vernacular. Gamaj kebab is usually cooked with red meat, but white meat such as chicken …

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Pomegranate Paste; A Delicious Autumn Flavour

Pomegranate paste is a popular flavouring in Persian cuisine, known as a basic ingredient of many delectable Iranian dishes with a mouth-watering aroma. One can buy various brands of the delicious Iranian flavouring, pomegranate paste, at the supermarket, but still the homemade sauce is much more popular. Adding flavourings to …

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Torsheh Vash; Great Choice for Those Who Like Sour Foods

Torsheh Vash is one of the local foods of northern Iran, especially Gilan province. The name of this stew is taken from one of its ingredients, a plant called Torsheh Vash (wood sorrels). The plant usually grows naturally in subtropical and tropical regions. In Iran, the plant is found in …

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Opiozi; A Traditional Dish from Southern Iran

Opiozi is a dish that is mostly cooked in Dezful in southern Iran, but is also cooked in some parts of Qeshm Island.  This food is prepared very quickly and is the best option if you have little time to cook. After a few minutes a hot, delicious meal is …

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Tahdig; A Dish All Your Dinner Guests Will Be Fighting Over

The crisp, craveable rice called tahdig inspires ferocious passion and competition in Iran and beyond. A report by the Wall Street Journal provides all the tips you need to master this crowd-pleasing showpiece, plus three delicious recipes. Growing up in Iran, Google chef Hoss Zaré so coveted tahdig, the crisped …

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Afghan Immigrants Running Cozy Café in Downtown Tehran

You may have seen professional Afghan baristas and chefs in Iranian restaurants; however, the Telma café is the first café in Tehran run be a number of young Afghan individuals. The idea of opening the café was that of two young Afghans, namely Fatemeh Jafari and Hamed Azar. In an …

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Lavashak; Mouth-Watering Persian Fruit Roll-Up

Iranian fruit roll-ups are among the most popular snacks that please young and old alike. The Lavashak (fruit rolls) found on the shelves in the market never taste as good as home-made ones. It has been customary since old times to make fruit roll-up from different types of fruit. Most …

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