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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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PressTV-Huawei registers Harmony name for own OS in Europe

As Huawei continues to deal with uncertainty over its future US relations and its access to the Android and Windows operating systems, it’s been busy working on in-house OS replacements to plug potential gaps — and a new name for them just surfaced. Huawei has registered the name “Harmony” with …

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PressTV-NASA to open sealed Moon samples after 50 years

NSAS says it is finally opening up the vault containing untouched samples from the Apollo missions to the Moon, some three months after it granted nine teams of experts the unique chance of studying the extraterrestrial rock samples. Back in March the US space agency tasked four teams from NASA, …

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Iran ranked 6th among world’s nanotechnology leaders: Minister

Iran’s minister of science, research, and technology hails that nationwide academic endeavor has awarded the Islamic Republic the sixth place among the countries leading the field of nanotechnology. “Good effort has been undertaken across the country’s universities in the area of new sciences, placing us among the world’s 10 leading countries …

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Boeing finds wing defect, including among some 737 MAX 8

Boeing announced Sunday that some of its medium-haul 737s, including the 737 MAX 8, could have a defective wing part, but that there had been no reports of flight issues linked to the defect. The American aviation giant, which has been rocked by an unprecedented crisis after its entire 737 …

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Jet-powered flying taxi unveiled following first flight

The world’s first all-electric vertical takeoff and landing passenger jet has been unveiled after completing its first flight. German startup Lilium aims to have a fleet of the five-seat aircraft — which can operate with a pilot or in drone mode — flying in cities worldwide by 2025, providing a …

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Facebooks chooses London for WhatsApp payment

Facebook has chosen London as its base for a payment system on WhatsApp, its mobile messaging service confirmed Wednesday, highlighting the capital’s attractiveness as a fintech hub despite Brexit strains. The Financial Times said that WhatsApp would hire about 100 staff, with most of the required software engineers based in …

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Incident on SpaceX pad could delay its first manned flight

A mysterious but apparently serious incident occurred Saturday in Cape Canaveral, Florida involving the SpaceX capsule intended to carry American astronauts into space late this year, the private company and NASA announced. “Earlier today, SpaceX conducted a series of engine tests on a Crew Dragon test vehicle on our test …

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Global landmarks go dark for Earth Hour

New York’s Empire State Building, Egypt’s pyramids, London’s Big Ben, and Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue were among the world’s most renowned monuments that plunged into darkness for an hour Saturday as part of a global campaign to raise awareness about climate change and its impact on the planet’s vanishing …

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