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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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92,000 home-based businesses created nationwide

TEHRAN – Some 92,000 home-based businesses have been created across the country over the past [Iranian calendar] year (ended March 20), Mohammad Shariatmadari, the cooperatives, labor and social welfare minister, has said. Some 270,000 individuals have received licenses to launch a home-based business in various occupations during the past year, …

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Iran travel sector: Ups and downs since U.S. reimposed sanctions

TEHRAN – Last November, the Trump administration reinstated sanctions on Iran, mainly the ones that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, in order to batter Iran’s economy, however, according to official data, they have so far failed to lessen foreign arrivals to the Islamic Republic. Although the sanctions …

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Foreign visits to Sacred Defense Museum jumps 80 percent

TEHRAN – The number of foreign tourists visiting the Sacred Defense Museum in Tehran in the past Iranian calendar year (March 2018-19) jumped 80 percent compared with a year earlier. “The number of foreign visitors to the Sacred Defense Museum has seen 80 percent hike year on year,” Mehr quoted …

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Special working group formed to mitigate ozone pollution

TEHRAN – A special working group consisting of environmental experts has been formed to find solutions for tackling ozone pollutants hitting the capital, deputy mayor of Tehran for traffic and transport affairs has said. Ozone in the lower atmosphere is formed by the reaction of sunlight on air containing hydrocarbons …

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Over 299,000 births registered in spring

TEHRAN – During the first 3 months of the current [Iranian calendar] year (March 21-June 21), 299,376 births were recorded in the country, the spokesman of the National Organization for Civil Registration has announced. Of the total babies born during the aforementioned period, 154,893 were boys and 144,483 were girls, …

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$285m from traffic taxes earmarked to curb air pollution

TEHRAN – A total budget of 12 trillion rials (about $285 million) from traffic tax income has been allocated to curb air pollution in the metropolis of Tehran, YJC news agency reported on Tuesday. Through the new traffic scheme, which went into effect on June 22, all vehicles, regardless of …

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25 new vaccines to be produced by March

TEHRAN- Eight human vaccines and 17 livestock vaccines will be produced by the end of the current [Iranian calendar] year (March 19), announced the secretary of biotech development center (BioDC) at science and technology vice-presidency.  According to Mostafa Qanei, by the year end, 50 raw pharmaceutical materials and 14 biotech …

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Tehran bus fleet equipped with 500 CNG tanks

TEHRAN – Some 500 compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks have been provided to the buses running in the capital’s transport fleet replacing the old ones, head of public transport and urban traffic affairs of the Municipalities and Village Administrations Organization has announced. “There are 3,000 buses running on CNG in …

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Iranian sport startups network unveiled

TEHRAN – The Iranian sports startups network was unveiled during a ceremony at the Pardis technology park on Sunday. Launching the network jointly by the National Technomart and the Sport for All Federation is the first step toward promoting knowledge-based sports and activities, the Pardis technology park website reported. The …

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