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Sunday , September 22 2019
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Sootav Wildlife Refuge, Bukan, Iran – Tourism news

The place is turned into the most important shelter for the rare bird, “great bustard” throughout the country for its desirable and unique conditions. Sootav Plain which is a 400 hectare foothills area in Hammamian Village in Bukan County annually hosts 20 to 25 birds of this rare kind. This …

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Mashhad Ardehal Mausoleum in Kashan, Iran – Tourism news

The complex consists of the mausoleum, sepulchre, dome, minarets and three courtyards. The southern courtyard (Safa) has several chambers and small porches. Whereas, the others are known as the Qomi and Sardari courtyards. Within the mausoleum and the Safa porch are plaster epigraphs in the ‘Nastaliq’ script and beautiful paintings. …

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The Grand Mosque of Hamedan – Tourism news

According to the architectural features and available inscriptions, the current building of the mosque is for the Hijri year 1253 and after that. However, by studying historical resources, it can be said that the primary building of Jameh Mosque of Hamedan dates back to the first Islamic centuries. The current …

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