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Iran Darabad Museum of Nature, Wildlife – Tourism news

Many people use Darabad as the starting point for mountaineering on the southern slopes of Alborz, especially in summer. It is also the location of Mahak Hospital for children with cancer. The museum was inaugurated by Dr. Hedayatollah Tajbaksh (the well-known taxidermist) with the help of Tehran Municipality and Department …

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Tark Jameh Mosque in Iran’s Azarbiajan – Tourism news

Undefined the architecture style and materials used in the mosque have astonished the archeologists and yet, it represents the bright history of Islamic architecture art of past centuries to enthusiasts. The sanctuary of mosque has special importance and it has been made very dexterously. This sanctuary (altar) has been carved …

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House of Rais Ali Delvari in Iran’s Bushehr – Tourism news

The building was dedicated to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran by the inheritors of Rais Ali Delvari. After that, this building, in forty-five kilometers from Bushehr, was registered as a national heritage of Iran. House of Rais Ali Delvari covers an area about four thousand square …

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New Julfa: The Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, Iran – Tourism news

Shah Abbas ensured that Armenian religious freedom was respected. Now, Jolfa district Isfahan holds a prosperous community. Armenians are permitted to hold their own religious ceremonies and activities. The symbiont circle between Muslims and Christians has been standing for more than four hundred years. Jolfa square is located on the …

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