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TEHRAN, Nov. 18 (MNA) – Iranian lifter Ayoub Mousavi snatched a silver medal in the 2019 edition of International Naim Suleymanoglu Tournament in Turkey.

In men’s 96kg category competitions on Sunday, Mousavi hoisted 169kg in snatch and 211 in clean and jerk to win the silver with a total of 380kg. Faris Ibrahim Hassouna El-Bakh of Qatar won the gold medal of this category with a total of 394kg (171kg in stanch and 226kg in clean and jerk).

2019 edition of International Naim Suleymanoglu Tournament was held in Turkey from Nov. 14 to 17. The event was a qualifying tournament for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Earlier in the competition, Elham Hosseini made history by gaining Iran first international medal in women’s weightlifting. She won the bronze medal of 76kg.


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VIDEO: Calm streets of Kermanshah after sporadic protests https://en.barsh.ir/video-calm-streets-of-kermanshah-after-sporadic-protests/ https://en.barsh.ir/video-calm-streets-of-kermanshah-after-sporadic-protests/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:41:51 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55031

TEHRAN, Nov. 18 (MNA) – The western Iranian city of Kermanshah witnessed a calm and quiet night on Sunday, a day after the sporadic protests against the gasoline price rise erupted in some parts of the country.

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Source; Mehr News Agency

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New Julfa: The Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, Iran – Tourism news https://en.barsh.ir/new-julfa-the-armenian-quarter-of-isfahan-iran-tourism-news/ https://en.barsh.ir/new-julfa-the-armenian-quarter-of-isfahan-iran-tourism-news/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:32:42 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55028

Shah Abbas ensured that Armenian religious freedom was respected. Now, Jolfa district Isfahan holds a prosperous community. Armenians are permitted to hold their own religious ceremonies and activities. The symbiont circle between Muslims and Christians has been standing for more than four hundred years.

Jolfa square is located on the southern side of Zayande-e Rood River. It is connected to the other side of the river by Marnan Bridge. Actually, one of Armenian’s architects renovated this bridge.

The Armenian built 25 churches, of which 13 survived. Among all the jolfa churches, Bethlehem (1628) and Vank (1655) are open to visitors.

One of the main attraction in Jolfa is the Vank Cathedral. The Jolfa Vank Cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture. Construction of this cathedral started at the time of Shah Abbas the second. Vank Cathedral is known for holding unique collections of beautiful frescos. They depict stories from the holy bible and Tora. They were painted by Armenian artists during safavid era which you can see as soon as you move into the passage and enter the prayer hall read more.

In Bethlehem church, the prayer hall is decorated with paintings depicting stories from old and new Testaments. There is also a high double layer dome with floral gilded patterns.

Nowadays, 5 of Armenian merchants’ houses, from the Safavid-era, have been converted into Art University of Isfahan.

New Julfa Isfahan has not only a laidback atmosphere, but also a unique setting which is full of life and youthful vibes. Take your time exploring it on foot, but don’t forget to sit back and relax. Plus, there are lots of caffes for an evening tea and dinning places for a night out.

Source: Isfahaninfo.com

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Source; Mehr News Agency

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Esfahak rural landscape nominated for TO DO Award https://en.barsh.ir/esfahak-rural-landscape-nominated-for-to-do-award/ https://en.barsh.ir/esfahak-rural-landscape-nominated-for-to-do-award/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:29:44 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55025

TEHRAN – Esfahak rural landscape and its cultural heritage has become a nominee for the TO DO Award, which is presented by the German Institute for Tourism and Development.

The award is aimed at taking into account the various interests and needs of the local population in the planning and implementation of tourism projects, measures, products and services. Involvement and co-determination ensure broad-based participation – e.g. through information, surveys and discussions among the population when finding ideas and making decisions, according to its website.

Last week a German assessor from the Institute for Tourism and Development paid a visit to Esfahak, Ali Shariatimanesh, a provincial tourism official, said on Sunday, IRNA reported.

“This village is one of the seven nominees shortlisted for the award,” the official noted.

The original texture of Esfakak was completely brought down to Earth in 1978 Tabas earthquake, [which occurred on September 16 at 19:05:55 local time], the official explained.

The shock, measured 7.4 on the moment magnitude scale, affected a total of 85 villages and was felt in Tehran, about 610 kilometers away.

After that a new village was built next to the old one with participation of the people who have now refurbished it be a tourist destination with [abundant] eco-lodge unites.

Esfahak is a village located about 38 km away from Tabas with hardworking and diligent people who are mostly engaged with agriculture and animal breeding. It enjoys a mild climate that is perfect for growth of any crops so while visiting it almost everywhere looks magnificently lush.

Village houses are often built on a floor with domed roofs and small windows. Old houses were often built by the means of bricks and mud and are mostly one-story. Traditional bathrooms, locally called Khazinehs, are still standing tall in the corners of the village. Local music is particularly important for the people of the village. Performing local songs and playing Tar is inseparable in celebrations in the village.

Dates and saffron from Esfahak village are tasty make sure not to miss trying them. You can also test different types of local soup and potage while in Esfahak.


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Source; tehrantimes News Agency

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Several dams, power plants to be inaugurated in Iran by Mar. 2020 https://en.barsh.ir/several-dams-power-plants-to-be-inaugurated-in-iran-by-mar-2020/ https://en.barsh.ir/several-dams-power-plants-to-be-inaugurated-in-iran-by-mar-2020/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:28:17 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55022

TEHRAN – Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said nine thermal power plants as well as 10 dams are going to go on stream across the country by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 19, 2020), the portal of Energy Ministry (known as Paven) reported on Monday.

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of an electricity project in the central province of Semnan, Ardakanian said the mentioned projects are going to be inaugurated to ensure that all Iranians have access to water and electricity.

According to the minister, the said dams are under construction in Tehran, Ilam, Qom, Yazd, Kerman, West Azarbaijan and Semnan provinces and when operational they will add 745 million cubic meters to Iranian dams’ water capacity.

He further stressed the important role of water and electricity infrastructures in development of the country, saying that every week 227 water and electricity projects will be inaugurated up to the end of the year and the government has allocated 330 trillion rials (about $7.85 billion) for completing such projects.

The mentioned projects will be inaugurated as a part of a major program called “A B Iran” [the acronyms A and B stand for water, electricity in Persian”, in which 10 trillion rials (over $238 million) of projects will be inaugurated in each of the country’s provinces, on average.   
Iran’s current power generation capacity stands at about 85 GW of which nearly 80 percent is generated by thermal power plants.

The capacity of Iran’s thermal power plants has increased by 9,000 megawatts (9GW) over the past six years, according to Paven.

Since August 2013 up to August 2019 a total of 69 thermal power plants have been constructed across the country to add 8,991 MW to the capacity of the country’s thermal electricity output.


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Top reformist MP: Ill-wishers not allowed to meddle in Iran’s affairs https://en.barsh.ir/top-reformist-mp-ill-wishers-not-allowed-to-meddle-in-irans-affairs/ https://en.barsh.ir/top-reformist-mp-ill-wishers-not-allowed-to-meddle-in-irans-affairs/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:25:55 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55019

TEHRAN – A top reformist lawmaker says Iran would not allow ill-wishers to interfere in its internal affairs, hinting at Washington’s meddlesome remarks in the aftermath of the protests that erupted after the government implemented an unannounced decision to ration gasoline and increase its price. 

“While pursuing and insisting on people’s rights, we will not allow any interference in our internal affairs by ill-wishers, foreigners and the promise-breaking hegemonic government of the U.S. that has disrupted the people’s livelihood through its cruel sanctions,” Mahmoud Sadeqi, an outspoken lawmaker, said in a tweet on Monday.

It came after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voiced his support for Iranian protesters, right after he insisted “continued pressure” on Iran, which includes economic sanctions targeting the Iranian people.

“As I said to the people of Iran almost a year and a half ago: The United States is with you,” Pompeo said in his Twitter account on Saturday, retweeting a Persian-language tweet he sent out in July 2018 that attacked the Islamic Republic’s policies.

Also, U.S. State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus tweeted on Sunday that the United States stands “by the people of Iran as they demand accountability and transparency from their government.”

“Iran did not use the billions of dollars in JCPOA sanctions relief to build schools or hospitals, but to fund terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East,” she claimed.

Contrary to the U.S. officials’ remarks, the Iranian government’s decision on Friday to partially cut petrol subsidies was intended to fund support for the poor. Petrol in Iran still remains among the cheapest in the world.

According to a statement published by National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, the price for a liter of regular gasoline was increased to 15,000 rials (nearly 35 cents at the official rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) from 10,000 rials and the monthly ration for each passenger car was set at 60 liters. Additional purchases would cost 30,000 rials per liter.

On Sunday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei supported the decision, saying he had previously announced that since he’s not an expert on the issue, he would support any decision made by heads of the three branches of government and experts. 

The Leader voiced sympathy with people who feel the decision would harm them economically, but condemned any act of sabotage that has been carried out by some hooligans and supported by Iran’s enemies.

“You see in the past two days, all the centers of evil in the world have been encouraging such acts against us. From the sinister Pahlavi dynasty to the vicious and criminal gang of Monafeqin (the MEK terrorist group); they are constantly encouraging hooliganism via the internet and other means,” he added.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, a member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said the Leader’s remarks should end any disagreement among officials about the implementation of the policy.

“However, the administration must fulfil its commitment to the low-income stratum,” ISNA on Monday quoted Boroujerdi as saying.

Following the decision, a number of Iranian cities saw protests that turned violent in some cases, where a number of banks and government buildings were set ablaze by the rioters.

Critics question the timing of the decision, which comes while Iranian people are suffering from the reverberations of the inhumane economic sanctions imposed by the United States, and also while neighboring Iraq and Lebanon have been the scene of widespread protests.

They also criticize the sudden announcement of the measure, describing it as an undemocratic way of making a decision that affects the entire nation.

In his remarks, Boroujerdi was critical of the abrupt implementation of the policy as well, advising the administration to take a lesson from its mistake.

He also voiced sympathy with the affected people, saying they are entitled to protest.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Reza Aref, chairman of the pro-reform Hope faction in the parliament, has urged the parliament speaker to invite President Hassan Rouhani and Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi to the parliament to explain the process of reaching the decision.

“The chairman of the Hope faction has proposed to hold a closed session in the parliament with regard to the issue,” said Fatemeh Saeedi, the spokeswoman for the faction.

The decision to raise the gasoline price was made by heads of the three branches of government, namely Rouhani, Raisi and Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.


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Ex-Team Melli coach Mayeli Kohan hits out at Iran football chief https://en.barsh.ir/ex-team-melli-coach-mayeli-kohan-hits-out-at-iran-football-chief/ https://en.barsh.ir/ex-team-melli-coach-mayeli-kohan-hits-out-at-iran-football-chief/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:17:29 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55016

TEHRAN – Former Iran national football team coach Mohammad Mayeli Kohan has criticized head of Iran Football Federation Mehdi Taj, saying the federation needs anti-nepotism policy.

Taj is under pressure for Team Melli’s current situation in Group C, as Iran sit third in Group C of the 2022 World Cup qualification, four points adrift of Iraq.

Last week, the contract’s details of Marc Wilmots and his coaching staff with Iran national football team were disclosed. Media reports suggest that the Belgian has agreed to earn an annual salary of USD 3.6 million, however the Iranian federation had announced that it will pay him and his assistants USD 1.2 million.

Wilmots replaced Carlos Queiroz as Iran coach but has failed to meet expectations so far.

“I think it’s not Wilmots’s fault but Taj is to blame for the situation. Taj, as the person who sits on top of the pyramid, is responsible for what happened,” Mayeli Kohan said in an interview with ISNA.

“Taj has displayed a lack of knowledge in football over the past years. His deputy Mohammadreza Saket really doesn’t deserve to be here. Taj was supporting Carlos Queiroz when he was leading Team Melli but the Portuguese coach has shown that he is not a reliable coach since he has taken charge of Colombia,” the former coach added.

Mayeli Kohan replaced Stanko Poklepović in 1995 and led Team Melli in 1996 AFC Asian Cup, where the Persians ranked in third place. 

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Iranian singer Mehran Mokhtarpur’s French-language album “Identite” released https://en.barsh.ir/iranian-singer-mehran-mokhtarpurs-french-language-album-identite-released/ https://en.barsh.ir/iranian-singer-mehran-mokhtarpurs-french-language-album-identite-released/#respond Tue, 19 Nov 2019 07:11:55 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55013

TEHRAN – Iranian singer and composer Mehran Mokhtarpur said on Monday that his new album titled “Identity” (Identite) has been released in the French language.

The album, which contains Mokhtarpur’s 15 rock songs, has been released by Avaye Suteh Delan, a record label in Tehran.

“I was working outside Iran for several years, and my foreign friends did not believe that music was something usual in Iran and that concerts are being held in the country,” Mokhtarpur said in a press release published by Honaronline on Monday.

“Even when I showed them the videos of performances and concerts in Iran, they told me there is no sign of Iranian identity in these works. This was a good motive for me to publish this album,” noted Mokhtarpur, who is the singer of the Iranian rock band, Piclavier.

“I began to work on the songs a few years ago in France and wanted to show that there are all types of music styles in Iran. I actually wanted to make use of a non-Iranian language to present all Iranian and Western styles of music, and at the same time to show my Iranian identity,” he added.

Mokhtapur is also a writer whose “My Little Secrets” (“Mes Petits Secrets”) was introduced at the Paris Book Fair in 2018.

The Candle and Fog Publishing, a London-based Iranian-British company, is the publisher of “My Little Secrets”, which contains two short stories and a collection of poetry all written in French.

Photo: Cover of the album “Identity” (Identite) by Mehran Mokhtarpur.


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Iranian researcher discovers seaweed-based anti-diabetic drug https://en.barsh.ir/iranian-researcher-discovers-seaweed-based-anti-diabetic-drug/ https://en.barsh.ir/iranian-researcher-discovers-seaweed-based-anti-diabetic-drug/#respond Sat, 16 Nov 2019 18:08:43 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55010

TEHRAN – Iranian researcher, Seyed Shahabeddin Mortazavi-Jahromi, has discovered a new medicine derived from seaweed to treat diabetes.

Mortazavi-Jahromi is a member of the international pharmaceutical research team of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS).

Guluronic acid (G2013) has been introduced as a new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in 2013 after its tolerability, safety, and efficacy have been assessed in preclinical evaluations and also in several clinical trials (as an additive medication to conventional drugs) on patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), and ankylosing spondylitis (AS) by the TUMS research team.

Following the observation of the positive effects of drug G2013 on the level of blood glucose of diabetic patients, participating in clinical trials, a distinct investigation was designed on an induced animal model of diabetes.

Moreover, as incidence risks of atherosclerosis and its complications in diabetic patients are 2 to 3.5 times higher than normal individuals, the expression levels of inflammatory markers involved in these disorders were assessed in G2013-treated mice by Mortazavi-Jahromi.

A 28-day treatment of test group animals with drug G2013 led to the significant reduction of their fasting blood sugar level besides the considerable elevation of their fasting serum insulin level compared to the diabetic control group, which confirmed the anti-diabetic effects of drug G2013. 

Referring to complete safety of drug G2013 in animal and human, Mortazavi-Jahromi declared that administrative processes are in progress for obtaining required approval and accomplishing clinical trial of this drug on type 1 diabetes mellitus patients and drug G2013 can be used in the treatment of patients suffering from this disease after receiving its legal approval from regulatory authorities of the Ministry of Health.


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Friendly: Indonesia U23 beat Iran U23 https://en.barsh.ir/friendly-indonesia-u23-beat-iran-u23/ https://en.barsh.ir/friendly-indonesia-u23-beat-iran-u23/#respond Sat, 16 Nov 2019 16:50:51 +0000 https://en.barsh.ir/?p=55007

TEHRAN – Iran U23 football team lost to Indonesia 2-1 in a friendly match held at the Pakansari Stadium in Cibinong, Bogor, West Java on Saturday.

Muhammad Rafli broke the deadlock for the hosts in the 32nd minute but Iran’s Reza Shekari equalized the match from the penalty spot in the 39th minute.

With six minutes remaining, Egy Maulana Vikri scored the Indonesian’s winner.

Iran had been held to a 1-1 draw by Indonesian team on Wednesday.

Hamid Estili’s outfit played the East Asian football team as part of preparation for the 2020 AFC U23 Championship.

Iran have been handed a tough group in the competition, where they are drawn in Group C along with defending champions Uzbekistan, China and South Korea.

The competition will be held in Thailand from Jan. 8 to 26 and the top three teams of the tournament will qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics men’s football tournament in Japan as the AFC representatives.

Iran have not been in the Olympics since the 1976 games in Munich.

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