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Shotor Galu Mansion in Iran’s Mahan – Tourism news

In the past, in order to maintain the safety of gardens and houses in the route of aqueducts and springs, the entrance and exit of water was designed in a way that no live creature could enter it.

For this purpose, a channel with an obtuse angle shape was built under the walls of the houses, so that water could go down from one side with a suitable height and come out the other side according to the relevant plates, and since these channels look like the neck or throat of a camel, such a construction is called Shotor Galu.

And in most cases, under the influence of the creativity of the Iranian architecture artists, beautiful pools, fountains and waterworks were created through using the same method in the houses of royalties and rulers, so that Cedar and Pine trees and four season flowers, and also fruit trees could create a pleasurable and refreshing space inside the complex.

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