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“The Grand Tour: Quranic Descriptions of Paradise” offers the reader a glimpse into a wondrous world

SHAFAQNA- Founder of Tasneem Institute, Shaykh Azhar Nasser’s latest book titled The Grand Tour: Quranic Descriptions of Paradise has been released in April 2018.

It is one of those rarer Islamic books that is both a page-turner and informative at the same time. The book is a reminder for the reader of the treasure trove that is the Quran, and how much we can benefit from its verses on a daily level. Helping to see the difficulties, challenges, aims, and goals of life from a positive perspective.

It has five compact, clear and enjoyable chapters:

  • The Existence of Paradise
  • The Path to Paradise
  • Material Blessings of Paradise
  • The Spiritual Blessing of Paradise
  • The Gates, Vastness and stations of Paradise

The book is very much a reflection of its author’s style, capturing the reader’s imagination and making the reader fall in love with the Quran and its illuminated verses once again.

Many times we find ourselves distant from the Quran and its vast wealth of knowledge and guidance. We may read it on occasion, and yet not really reflect on the meanings and signs it gives us. This book helps reopen the reader’s curiosity into the Quran, and makes you want to put time aside to read other parts of the Quran again.

This book is a great stepping stone for those wanting to begin studying the Quran, and it can also be a great book to inspire those who have not spent as much time with the Quran as they once did, themuslimvibe reported.

The summary on the back of this book is as follows:

“The most prominent attribute of God in the Holy Quran is His infinite mercy. Of His ninety-nine names, He selected ‘The Compassionate’ and ‘The Merciful’ to introduce Himself to His creation. These attributes are not manifested to their fullest extent in the temporal world due to the limitations that characterize this earthly life; however, the Quranic descriptions paint a vivid picture of the paradisal abode that awaits the righteous. It is these descriptions that have been collected and analyzed throughout this book. The Grand Tour: Quranic Descriptions of Paradise offers the reader a glimpse into a wondrous world that represents the epitome of Divine mercy. Whether it is the splendid palaces, the opulent garments, or the company of the immaculate prophets, this book will walk the reader through each material and spiritual blessing reserved for the believers, as promised by God Almighty Himself.”

This book is available on

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